A Matter Of Pride by Nicole Carswell

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Born with an intense love of horses, Nicole Huber Carswell grew up on a farm located in May's Lick, Kentucky. While she began riding at the age of 3, her first exposure to the Tennessee Walking Horse came at the age of 12 with a gift from her parents. These experiences laid the foundation for a professional career.

In 1990, Nicole graduated from Morehead State University with a B.S in Animal Science. There she learned a broader view of horse training, exhibition, and teaching on breeds such as American Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, and Thoroughbred hunter over fences. It was during the training/teaching experiences involving these breeds that she realized she wanted to teach and train. Recogizing the need for instruction in the Walking Horse Industry, she chose to educate riders on how to enhance their horse's performance with superior equitation.

The Tennessee Walking horse's unique center of gravity and gaits require a seat of it's own. This book defines and demonstrates the 'Walking seat' with chapters on body position, the aids, manipulating the horse through pattern work, and devolopng a powerful mental attitude. It also contains chapters on selecting the right horse, strengthening exercises, and attire. If you are a trainer, instructor, or amateur working on your own, and your goal is to become an accomplished horseman and to teach others effective horsemanship, the information to reach these goals can be found in this book.

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