Outlaw Natural Hair & Body Wash

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What does an Outlaw smell like? An Outlaw smells like the essence of badassery.

This hair & body wash could be used by the kind of cowboys that other cowboys sing about. This hair & body wash is the kind of soap that makes married men late for work. This liquid satin of suds will turn your shower into a slow-mo celebration of every. darn. reason you woke up this morning: because you have Things to Do. They make suitable gifts for outlaws AND inlaws.

Calamity Jane Scent: Smells of warm clove, sweet cinnamon, vanilla bean, spicy ginger, whiskey, and a hint of orange.

Home on the Range Scent: Smells of juicy blackberries, fresh laundry, and just-cut grass.

The Gambler Scent: Smells of good bourbon, old-fashioned tobacco, and a little leather.

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