Outlaw Natural Hand Wash - Lust in the Dust

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Smells of desert sage, sandalwood, and a lightly smoky campfire.

Makes your skin silky smooth and so (so!) kissable.

Delightfully sudsy.

Feels like washin' up outdoors without everyone judging your technique.

Made with love and laughter (and all-vegan oils.)

Feels like a journey through the desert to a sultry oasis rendezvous.

You’ve been on that lusty dusty trail for quite some time. Sometimes you ride solo, and other times you partner up. This is one of them ‘other’ times. It’s your old flame from back home, all grown up and comin’ toward, a twinkle in their eye and no ring on their finger. There are pleasantries, but you both know the deal. You’re drawn to each other like magnetized bunnies. It’s hot. Too hot. Ouch. But it’s going to happen right here, right now on the ground.

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