Outlaw Natural Lotion

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What does an Outlaw smell like? Outlaws use a lotion that would have been used by the cowboys of legend.

This lotion could be used by the kind of cowboys that other cowboys sing about. This lotion is the kind of lotion that makes married men late for work. This lotion will turn your post-shower routine into a slow-mo celebration of every. darn. reason you woke up this morning: because you have Things to Do.

Blazing Saddles: Smells of leather, sandalwood, gunpowder, sage, and campfire.

Calamity Jane: Smells of warm clove, sweet cinnamon, vanilla bean, spicy ginger, whiskey, and a hint of orange.

The Gambler: Smells of good bourbon, old-fashioned tobacco, and a little leather.

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