Replacement Part - Padded/Raised Noseband, Horse

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Plus+TM bridle parts are made of the finest English and European leathers and stainless steel hardware: * Full grain cowhide for durability. The top grain of leather is the strongest, most abrasion resistant part of leather. * Plus+ leather is aniline finished - never pigment (painted) finished. (Paint can cover problems in leather and seals the surface, stopping proper penetration when you oil your tack.). Only first quality hides, tanned and curried to look good, accept oil and darken and mellow as you use it. * Stainless steel buckles are brightly polished, strong and rustproof. Plus+ bridle parts are beautifully finished - carefully hand stitched, creased, edged and hand rubbed as English bridle makers have done for centuries. Exceptional quality at a frugal price.

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