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Take-Along Tool Kit

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  • This 24-piece set includes wooden nails, screws, and boards for hours of creative, "constructive" fun. Pieces attach to each other and to the sturdy wooden toolbox with built-in handle. Preschoolers will love using the hammer, wrench, and screwdriver to build their projects, promoting hand-eye coordination, counting, sorting, color recognition, and problem-solving skills! For ages 3+ years.  

    Discover Countless Ways To Play:

    • Have kids count the number of tools and identify each one. 
    • Have kids sort the flat boards with holes by color and to identify the colors. Have them count the number of boards in each color and count the total number of boards. Have kids sort the screws by the color of the screw heads. Ask them to to identify the colors and count the total number of screws. 
    • Place four pieces from the tool kit in front of kids. Let them study the pieces before asking them to close their eyes while you remove one piece. Ask them to identify which piece was removed. 
    • Have kids count the number of holes in each flat board. Then have them put two of the boards end and count the total number of holes in both. Try different combinations, adding and counting the holes in each.

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