Images of Our Store, Owners & Employees


 John Gass
Owner from 1951 - 2002
Circa - 1959  

John Gass with son Barry & Dicky the Pony, Circa 1965




Gass Sales Stable, dealing in draft & saddle horses (top). Gass Horse Supply, equestrian tack & draft horse supplies (bottom). Both circa 1961

  Barry & Cathy Gass and Family Vintage Contract for the sale of a Cow, Circa 1938


A beautiful day here at our Farm! This is in back of our barn & Tack Shop with Ann's beloved Horse, Fancy!

Open House / Tack Swap @ Gass Horse Supply Gass Horse Supply & Western Wear - Fall  


Your friendly, enthusiastic and very helpful (albeit weird!) Tack Shop personnel during an in-store Halloween event. Jillian, Barry, Jessie & Cathy.

   Barry Gass with U.S.A. Made Justin Workboots