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14" Wide Nash Buckstitch Barrel Saddle - Chocolate Oil

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Article number: 170
  • Another example of beautiful craftsmanship by the Nash Saddlery company.  This chocolate oiled Barrel Saddle is a striking in complete roughout leather with a Diamond tooled boarder.  The contrasting buckstitch and cut corner square skirt add another level to this unique looking piece of art.


    Information about the Equi-Fit Classic Tree directly from Steele Saddle Tree, LLC:

    "This saddle is built on a genuine Steele Brand Equi-Fit Classic saddle tree. The Equi-Fit name assures you that the saddler has placed the best possible foundation at the heart of this new saddle. The Classic designation denotes traditional handcrafted wood construction.

    The saddle tree is the single most important factor contributing to the performance of your saddle. How well the tree fits your horse's back will determine the saddle's roll stability, whether or not it tries to slide forward or back, and to a greater extent than many people realize, how your horse behaves and performs. An uncomfortable horse or a horse in pain due to an ill-fitting tree will not perform to its unencumbered potential. This Equi-Fit Classic saddle tree is crafted to our exacting guidelines. It incorporates the precise contours necessary to minimize pressure points and maximize load bearing area on the back type for which it is designed. The result is a more stable saddle that stays in position better. Most important, this Equi-Fit Classic saddle tree allows your horse to be healthier, happier, and more comfortable under saddle."


    Country of Manufacture United States
    Manufacturing State Alabama
    Manufacture Nash Saddlery
    Discipline Barrel
    Cantle Height 4.0 inches
    Horn 3.75" Neck x 2" Cap
    Swell 12.0 inches
    Seat Color Black Grain Out
    Seat Size 14"
    Color Chocolate Oil
    Tooling Degree Full Boarder
    Tooling Type Diamond
    Rigging In-Skirt
    Tree Type Equi-Fit Classic
    Tree Fit Wide
    Gullet Width 7.0 inches
    Skirt Drop 12.0 inches
    Skirt Length 23.0 inches
    Weight ~27 Pounds
    SKU Number 170

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