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Centerfire Western Drop Y Rigging (Sold as a Pair)

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Article number: 19761
  • The Drop-Y Rigging that will help you keep a linear (straight) Western girth out of your horse's elbow. The original design had only a single Conway Buckle installed on the back-flank ring strap. Our newer design, the one that we are currently shipping, has TWO Conway Buckles on the back flank strap for additional adjust-ability.

    Centerfire Western Drop Y Rigging's are SOLD IN PAIRS (one for each side of your saddle)

    Each Rigging is made up of two rugged leather straps with a strong center ring. One strap attaches to the front cinch ring on your saddle while the second strap connects to the back/flank cinch ring, giving the "Y" Rigging position (see the image). This setup allows for the girth to be cinched further back for the comfort of your horse and stability of your saddle. In most cases, this rigging will  allow your horse's shoulders to have additional range of motion (because of improved clearance at the front of the saddle) and better overall clearance above the wither.

    MORE THOUGHTS: The Centerfire Drop Y Rigging is designed to work especially well with saddles that have a single girth ring (i.e. a single hitch point ring that is built into your saddle's skirt or connected directly to the tree and is typically located under, or in-line, with the saddle's pomel). Now, with the Centerfire Drop Y Rigging in place, the "torque/pressure" that is applied during the girth tightening process is then applied closer to the load-bearing-section of the horse's back, thus, the downward pressure on the horse's shoulders and wither area is greatly reduced in most cases.

    This rigging is sold as a pair, one for each side of your saddle, because, how you rig your girth on one side of your saddle is exactly how you MUST do it on the other already knew this.☺

    100% U.S.A. Made and from Domestic Leather and Hardware

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