Shapley's Easy Out Liquid Pump - 32oz

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* No-rinse shampoo and spot remover enhances natural colors while eliminating odors and stains
* Great for cold-weather bathing!
* Made in the USA

Easy Out – Specially formulated, no-rinse shampoo and spot remover with optical brighteners enhances the natural colors of the horse's coat, mane and tail, with no discoloring. Quickly, effortlessly and effectively (without water!) eliminates odors and stains, including mud, grass, manure, urine and sweat. Lifts dirt from the surface, providing a clean coat even after endless showing; leaves no residue. Great for cold-weather bathing and spot cleaning. Perfect for head-shy horses. Safe for use on dogs, cats and livestock. Spray on coat, towel or brush and work in; towel dry.

Made in the USA.
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