Easyboot New Trail

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* New features for improved comfort and fit!

* The world's easiest hoof boot
* Quick and easy to apply; no strength or force required
* Doubles as a therapy boot!
* See 'Other Info' below for a size chart and a video on how to apply the new Easyboot Trail

The new Easyboot Trail is designed specifically for the pleasure and trail rider. Quick and easy to apply, this boot requires no strength or force. Closure system keeps boots secure even in the toughest of trail conditions. Great medium distance riding boot (less than 25 miles) and ideal to carry as replacement for a lost shoe. Doubles as a therapy boot. Helps horse recover from abscesses, hoof injuries, founder, navicular disease, punctures and sole bruises. Sole shape is slightly longer than wide: an important feature that will allow more horses to wear the boots comfortably and securely. Reversible and replaceable rear safety strap. Urethane shield protects the hoof. Comfortable, lightweight and highly durable. Drainage holes built into the sole. Sold individually.


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