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Maximum Pressure Relief Pad (Wither Maker)

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Article number: 31100
  • The Wither Maker Pad is designed to contour and cushion while maintaining support for the broad-shouldered horse.

    A viscoelastic hex cell at the wither molds to the shape of the horse, reducing pressure points caused by the bars of the saddle. This allows proper alignment of the bars along the horse’s back so that the bar pressure is equalized allowing unrestricted movement of the shoulders and increased range of motion. This memory foam compresses slightly so the bars of the saddle nest to minimize saddle roll.

    Designed for Maximum Pressure Relief (MPR), but this pad is NOT recommend for horses who have a defined wither.

    • USA Hi-Tech Fibers
    • Memory Foam
    • Futurity Front
    • Contoured Spine
    • Loin Relief
    • Heavy Oil Wear Leathers
    • Shock-Absorbing
    • Moisture Wicking
    • Performance Grade Construction and Materials
    • Helps Prevent Saddle Roll

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