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Professional's Choice Good Medicine Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Pad: Bear Paw 33"x38" - Oat

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Article number: CXHDBP
  • • Custom designed New Zealand wool hand-woven blanket top
    • Expertly contoured with leather reinforced spine and wither
    • Air RideTM shock absorbing insert for impact protection and comfort
    • Highest quality Merino Wool bottom protects and wicks away moisture

    Developed from the horse’s back up, the Comfort-Fit SMx Air Ride Saddle Pad is contoured to follow the curve of the horse’s spine. As a result, the pad locks in place on the horses back, allowing full movement. The SMx Air Ride core absorbs shock and improves saddle fit for ultimate equine comfort. The Air Ride core is made of a unique material found in the protective gear of professional human athletes for absorbing shock while allowing air flow to the skin, creating a natural cooling system that lowers the horse’s body temperature and slows the rate of fatigue. Fleece lining.

    LEGEND of the BEAR PAW©:
    Bears represent protection, symbolize authority, physical strength and leadership. The bear paw/track symbol is a powerful good omen. The cross signifies direction and joining together. It also represents steadfastness. The saddle bag shape in the center of the blanket is symbolic of a long journey. Bear Paw protects and joins the horse and rider. It marks the pair with good things to come, direction and steadfastness in their journey to success.

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