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Saddle and Pad Fitting at GHS/Orono - Hourly Charge per Horse

Article number: Saddle Fitting
  • This service is provided at Gass Horse Supply & Western Wear. Call us, schedule an appointment, then bring your horse to us and we will assist with the following:

      • - Do you wonder weather your current Western Saddle is fitting your horse properly?
      • - Would you like assistance with a brand new Western Saddle to determine that it fits properly?
      • - Would you like to try a few new saddles on your horse to help determine what would be best for both of you?
      • - Perhaps your current saddle is just fine, but you're wondering whether a new saddle pad would: fill voids under the saddle, relieve wither or shoulder pressure, correct bar pinch, resolve lateral saddle rolling, or resolve saddle slippage?

    This service is an inexpensive and cost effective way to get one-on-one assistance in order to get questions like these (and more) answered and issues resolved once and for all.

    The above fee is charged per hour and per horse.

    The service must be scheduled in advance. We will ask that various pictures of your horse be sent before the scheduled appointment.  YOU MUST BRING A HELMET TO A FITTING AT GHS AND WEAR IT WHEN RIDING ON PROPERTY.  :)

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