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Shoulder Relief Cinch, Black - Balance Buckle System

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  • Saddle slippage or girth galls can cause discomfort or pain and may interfere with your horse's performance. Total Saddle Fit has re-imagined how a cinch should work and therefore created a piece of equipment that provides comfort for your horse and allows your saddle to stay in place! 

    The Shoulder Relief Western Cinch with Balance Buckle actually changes the position and angle of the billets to create a more secure fit. This is due to the ergonomic shape, as the center of the cinch is set forward to sit in the horse's natural girth groove while the sides of the cinch are cut back two inches behind the horse's girth line. This brings the latigos from angle forward to become perpendicular to the ground, which reduces the saddle's tendency to be pulled into the shoulder. An added benefit of changing the position and angle of the billets is to prevent the saddle from interfering with the shoulder. Freedom of the shoulder will allow the horse a full range of motion under saddle while the cutback will prevent galls in the elbow area. Even riders who are not experiencing saddle slippage can benefit from this girth, as it improves saddle fit. 

    The new Balance Buckle centers the cinch over the horse's sternum while ensuring even pull and stability over the surface of the cinch. This new buckle allows for fine-tuning of the cinch to be centered over the horse's sternum by offering two off-billet placements. Another advantage over curved cinch buckles is the Balance Buckle is flat to prevent sliding and creating uneven pressure along the cinch. Lastly, no roller construction is intentional as it prevents overtightening. The two-bar design lets you get just the right amount of torque on the latigo without the risk of the roller. This lets the shape of the cinch do the work with soft contact versus heavy pressure on your horse.

    The velcro backing of the liners allows you to effortlessly remove them.  This is so you can inter changing them with the leather cinch, whether for shows, comfort, or cleaning so your horse can experience a fresh cinch for every ride. Additional liners can be purchased separately.

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