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SleekEZ® Grooming Tool - Small Wood Handle - 2.5"

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Article number: 16372-1
  • 2.5" SleekEZ® for Horses, Dogs & Cats

    Now available are the 2.5-inch SleekEZ® grooming tools, ideal for cats and small dogs!  Or use this on your horses' legs or face. Same concept, just smaller size.

    The exclusive blade is comprised of tiny teeth that actually mimic the cat's own barbed tongue producing a calming effect as you groom your cat. We have actually had customers report to us that cats that are near wild quickly befriend those who use the SleekEZ on their coat. It works like a "bionic cat tongue" removing shedding fur, reducing hairball hacking and simply pleasing your kitty. Our exclusive blade will not cut the hair or damage the coat. You will not find grooming tool like it on the market regardless of any others claim GUARANTEED.

    Keep in mind that SleekEZ® is a deshedder, not a detangler.

    And, remember, it is not just for use on the animals!  It is the animal product for the pet-friendly lifestyle! Use it to also remove pet hair from upholstery, carpeting, pet bedding, carpeting and more.



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